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Hathor Pro

Hathor Pro Theme makes it easy to fully customize  within minutes.
  • 3 Service Block Style
  • Unlimited Slider !
  • Unlimited Google Font !
  • Theme of options neatly organized into sections
  • Unlimited color choices!
  •  Support And Update Life time
  • Font-awesome service icon
  • Fits all popular mobile devices and tablets
  • woocommerce support


  1. Hello – I purchased Hathor Pro but have not received any method to download the product. I did receive a receipt from, just nothing from you.

  2. Hi Iman

    I have installed the free version of Hathor. I want to try it out before buying the pro.

    Is it possible to amend the css of the menu please? I want to pull something together for a client and if he likes it will buy the pro.


      • Just to add. I have amended top level menu, however struggling with sub menu items.

        I can change the background colour using:

        #navmenu ul li ul li
        { background-color: #fbb03b; }

        However I can’t change hover colour of the whole block, only the text so the following works for the text area:

        #navmenu ul li ul li a:hover {
        background-color: blue; }

        However if I use:

        #navmenu ul li ul li:hover {
        background-color: blue; }

        This doesn’t work, the block reverts to it’s default colour. Any pointers?



  3. Hi I have now installed pro version, but can’t get the fontawesome icons working in blocks. When you put the code in the free version in, they worked but they don’t seem to be in the pro. Do I have to select them elsewhere?

  4. Ok I have another question. How do you get rid of the “Welcome! You need to configure your Home Page! Please visit Theme Options Page.” I can’t see how to.

    Also I downloaded the support document, the index is 1-10 titles, the content is only 1-4. Where is the rest of it?



  5. I love the template and have had it for about a year. I would like the sidebar to appear on the side of design one as oppose to design 2 because I like the layout better. How do I do that. Great work.

  6. I am using the Lite version right now and I really love the theme, but my client wants to change the order of the elements on the home page. Is there anyway to do that with the Pro version? Thanks and great work!

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