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Hathor Pro

Hathor Pro Theme makes it easy to fully customize  within minutes.
  • 3 Service Block Style
  • Unlimited Slider !
  • Unlimited Google Font !
  • Theme of options neatly organized into sections
  • Unlimited color choices!
  •  Support And Update Life time
  • Font-awesome service icon
  • Fits all popular mobile devices and tablets
  • woocommerce support


  1. Hi!

    Just wondering this: how can I change the opacity of slider text background? It would look visually nice to have beautiful pictures background of the slider but that makes the text sometimes hard to read. Reducing the background color opacity a bit would help that.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Great Theme!

    Was wondering if there is a way to remove the link button on a slider? I much prefer clicking the title of the slider to take you there rather than a “read more” type of thing.


  3. Hi Imon

    I have the Hathor Pro Theme and I would like to display more than 10 images on the slider.
    I understand that I can add as many images to a slider as I want, but where is the point when I can only display 10 images on my site.

    I saw that this has been asked before and you fixed it by receiving log-in details and directly updating on the person’s web page.
    as I don’t want to share log-in details. would you please let me know how to display more than 10 images on the website slider?

    appreciate your help.
    cheers anke

  4. Hello

    We are really happy with the bloks in this theme. Only we want to change to color inside the bloks and want the make the bloks smaller.
    How could I do this? I have change things in color&font but the color inside the bloks will not change.
    It’s also really difficult to change the style en font off the text in the bloks. I tried some things in color &font but not everything changes and also a lot of font styles are not working. We want for the hole page the same style.

    I really hope you can help us.

    Kind regards,


    • You can change block color from theme option => font and color tab

      Font style only change for herder. If you want to change all please contact me via email


  5. hello when i purchase will i get a website address example .com or org. Or do I have to purchase that separately

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