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Hathor Pro

Hathor Pro Theme makes it easy to fully customize  within minutes.
  • 3 Service Block Style
  • Unlimited Slider !
  • Unlimited Google Font !
  • Theme of options neatly organized into sections
  • Unlimited color choices!
  •  Support And Update Life time
  • Font-awesome service icon
  • Fits all popular mobile devices and tablets
  • woocommerce support


  1. Hi Imon,

    This is a really nice theme so far (I just set it up and configured it). I have the free version.

    Nice job! Responsive works well too.


  2. Hello Imon, I got the Pro version of the website because I wanted to use all the features, I am still working on the website doing the last details but one thing I haven’t figure out is how to place the pictures on the main banner, please send instrucition, it will be nice if they could be added as the “Recent Work” section where you just add the pictures.

    I also want to place the Social Media Buttons on top at the right of the banner, and I would like to add the Hoouz button instead of RSS or any of the other we don’t use.

    Please get back to me, I will really appreciated.

    Thanking you in advance.



    • 1) Pls give me your login details with 5 picture which is you want to add in main banner .

      2) where in recent work ? as background picture ?

      3) give me the Hoouz icon . i will make it for you


  3. Hi Imon,

    I am new to hosting and learning on the job. I have found the Hathor theme to work beautifully for my client. I am hoping you can help me figure why images are cut off on the slider, service bloks, and our clients. I changed the dimensions as instructed and still cut off. Recent work images are perfect. Out team images are not cut off but do not fill in the box allotted for the images. I’ve been trying to figure this out some time, as I said very new to hosting, I read that you had helped other. I hope you can help me. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

    • Upload slider image 1000 X 500 px and the our team section 300 X 300px

      those image are cut off because you uploaded slider image 2804 × 1869px and our team image in same px


  4. One of my favorite WP themes. I’ve upgraded to PRO version and currently I’m waiting the theme emailed to me. Great job Imon Hasan, great job indeed.
    Best of luck GraficBox Romania

    • i just email you the them . pls download theme from your email attachment.
      then click to your wordpress admin dashboard appearance => add new => upload => active => theme option => save option

    • I an not understand clearly . can you tell me more clearly ?

      if you talking about home menu . then go to menus => add menu by link => fill the menu link you website address


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