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Hathor Lite

Hathor allows you to create unique Websites for many purposes .
  • Fastest Theme Support.

  • Two header style
  • Two Service Block Style
  • Fits all popular mobile devices and tablets


  1. Hi! Currently I’m using your theme for my own project (by the way i’m a newbie) and then I renamed the folder with a name and saved it and re-uploaded it again locally. After that I can’t use it anymore because it’s not already loading up, but if I renamed it again to its original name then it is running back to normal again. Is there anyway that I can do renaming the theme’s name without crashing it?

  2. Hello Imon,

    I am currently working in the demo version of your theme and are thinking about buying it. I have looked at the pro version. Is it possible for the pro version to have to have all persons under “The Dream Team” visible at once, in smaller block, so that a viewer does not have to click the small arrow buttons to see everyone?

    Also, I am looking if there are possibilities to do any banners on the main theme and pages of the theme with some plugin. Do you have any advise on that? Is is possible at all?

    Kind regards,

  3. Hi,

    I have hathor pro.

    I can’t seem to get my images sized correctly for the slider.

    I have used 1000 x 500 but it won’t work!


  4. Hi Amon

    Thanks for the free theme it is exactly what I am looking for!

    One quick question if I wanted to just have 3 service blocks but have them stretch across the full width of th e oage how would I do this?

    Is this in the PRO theme because I am considering buying it if that feature is included?

    Thanks for creating this great free theme.

    Ashley Graham

  5. Theme is broken. When you activate this theme with Debug turned on, you get an
    “headers already sent by (output started at …functions.php:3457)” error.

  6. Hello Imon,

    My site logs show a 404 error for “transblack.png” which is referenced in the style.css. This file appears to be missing. I’m using Hathor Version: 2.8

    Please suggest.

  7. after renewing, trouble has occurred to hathor version3.
    1.a slide picture isn’t made.
    2.the automatic size of the slide picture isn’t adjusted.
    3.the mobile menu isn’t indicated.

    please tell me a countermeasure.

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