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Hathor Lite

Hathor allows you to create unique Websites for many purposes .
  • Fastest Theme Support.

  • Two header style
  • Two Service Block Style
  • Fits all popular mobile devices and tablets


  1. Hi,

    I am trying to use you themes, Hathor and Isis….

    In the preview, I am seeing the slider and proper formatting.
    But when I put this site Live, there’s no slider and the formatting gets disturbed, you may visit the website yourself to have a closer look.

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

    BangSMS team

    • because you was not upload slider image .

      pls go theme option => slider tab => upload image .

      also pls read documentation .which is appear in theme option tab .


    • why you are using slider plug-in . slider plug-in conflict with theme sliders . that’s why it’s happen


      • Thanks Imon for your great suggestions.

        Can u help me with the formatting part, different parts on the front page of the site are not aligned properly,you can have a look at it for details.

        BangSMS Team

  2. Dear Imon,

    this is another wonderful theme. How one could have in the Showcase Our Work section of this theme, the effect your previous theme Isis has, and how in the Isis theme one could have in the section of Our Work, the Showcase Our work effect?

    thank you

    • I am not clearly understand .can write more clearly ?

      1) you want Isis our work section effect implement into Hathor our work section ?

      2) only remove this effect ?


  3. 1 in Isis i would like to implement the Hashor effect. (i find it better, in Isis the image rotating makes me dizzy)
    which files should i copy to the server from Hathor theme?
    thank you very much

    • this need customization . if you are pro user pls contact me via email or contact page( I am doing customization free only for pro user ) . if not you need to buy pro version

      p.s : do not copy any file from Hathor to Isis . if you do that my be your website will crash .


  4. Hi there

    I’m trying to create slider images using the hathor theme. Can you please give me the correct dimensions to use?



  5. i am trying to change the cursor when i mouse hover a link with displaying a custom image, but it doesnot show up. I make this change to the css. Any ideas? I would like to make this for all links exist in the website


  6. Front PageColor & FontSlidersServices BloksRecent workOur TeamOur ClientSocialMiscelleneousDocumentationUpgrade

    All i see in theme options is the above, i am using the free version, cannot edit You need to configure your Home Page!

    • Hi,

      can you give me your website address ?

      because you can configure you home page from theme option easily. you are pro user or free user no matter


  7. Also, i upload an image 1000*500 pixels, and it gets cropped. Restored defaults, site is totally broken

  8. when i restored defaults, and then saved, it inserted an a to all fields. Now i am trying to reproduce the site

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