Hathor Lite

Hathor allows you to create unique Websites for many purposes .
  • Fastest Theme Support.
  • Two header style
  • Two Service Block Style
  • Fits all popular mobile devices and tablets

Hathor Lite

426 thoughts on “Hathor [WordPress ]”

  1. HI, first off I love the theme! I installed the lite version and am having issues with alignment of the service blocks on mobile devices. They are aligned to the left, not center. Also the custom image block shows quite a bit of white space on the right (images are 260x100pix). I am assuming these issues can be fixed? If so I would buy the pro version right away! Thanks


    1. Imon Hasan says:

      Those issue slove in next version but in pro version those issue already solve .I just check Image block is ok


  2. Gmail says:

    this look good i will try

  3. I am in the process of replacing an old theme that is no longer being supported or updated by the original creator and I’m using the hathor-lite theme as the new replacement. So far it seems that it will do everything that I need it to, with one minor issue. For some reason when I go to any of the sub pages, the main navigation menu disappears. Is this an intended effect? Can you point me in the right direction for where to look to modify this behavior? Thanks.

    1. I thought I would add a follow-up comment here, I did some more checking, and it appears to only be an issue when viewing category pages, if you go to a “page” or an actual “post” the menu re-appears.

    2. Imon Hasan says:

      May be menu conflict with plugins.

      Just paste this code in style.css very bottom or in custom css :

      #navmenu li a{color: #000 !important;}

  4. Adrià López says:

    I can’t translate the service blocks text via string stranslator on WPML. How can I show a translated version of my website with your theme?

    1. Imon Hasan says:

      This will fix in next version

  5. harshad says:

    Hi, In the pro version for Hathor theme can we change the background color from white to something else

    1. Imon Hasan says:

      Yes you can and also you can change any elements color in pro version

  6. Laszlo Bankuti says:

    Dear Matthew,

    I downloaded the lite version, testing for my clients.
    But I have a problem. I cant use the slider.
    I choose the “NIVO SLIDER”, but I have not any slider on my webpage.
    Where can I switch on the slider? Or where I made wrong?
    Thanks in advance!

    all the best

    p.s.: the template is wwweri nice!

    1. Imon Hasan says:

      Go to customize => static front page. => tick your latest post => save


  7. Alison says:

    Hello, I’ve just switched to this theme. I am having a few issues with the widgets. I cannot get them to appear on Page 1, despite having added them [Twitter Feed] to the Widgets on Page 1 Section.

    Another issue is that the widget in the right sidebar [search, blog subscription, etc.] are shown on general pages (about, contact, etc.) but gets shifted down to the bottom on category pages and post pages.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thank you!

    1. Imon Hasan says:

      if you want to show widgets in front page page . Then you need to put those widgets into footer widgets or if you only show into front page footer widgets . Then try this plugin widget-logic

      Are you using latest version of theme if not then please update


  8. Scott Trick says:


    I am testing out the free theme and so far I love it with the exception of one thing…

    The title and description block that shows up in the slider does not show up clear because it blends the background. How can I remove the background from blending in and only show the color?

    1. Imon Hasan says:

      this option available in pro version

  9. Trupti says:

    Nice theme….
    I installed free version, want to change color of site identity(Site header) or add pic of site title, How to do?

    1. Imon Hasan says:

      You can not change color of site identity in free version but you can change logo using theme option => custom logo

  10. spicyVictor says:


    I am currently using you theme but it is not responsive (content on the left, sliders display half a of the second slide, etc).
    Is there any way to fix this?

    1. Imon Hasan says:

      can you please give me a screen shot or website address

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