Isis Lite

Isis is a Simple, Clean and Responsive Retina Ready Free WordPress Theme

  • 4 page templates – Full width page
  • Theme of options neatly organized into sections
  • 5 Star support
  • Font-awesome service icon

344 thoughts on “Isis[WordPress]”

  1. Hi, I really like your theme. It has all of the elements I’m looking for, with easy editing of the front page elements. I’m having a problem, though.

    I keep writing text in the blocks and clicking ‘Save Changes, however the text keeps reverting back to the sample text and I lose all of my changes. Is this something that I can resolve rather then starting again with another theme?

    Kind regards,

    1. Imon Hasan says:

      Your website address please

      1. Elan Tanzer says:

        It looks like I need to log out and back in to my dashboard every time I wish to make an update. Otherwise everything gets overwritten by the sample content.

        1. Imon Hasan says:

          no everything is ok ?

  2. Tom says:

    Can I increase “service blocks” in HOME? There are 4 box in default setting.
    I want to create more 4 boxes under default 4 boxes.

    Would you please tell me how I can ?

    1. Imon Hasan says:

      for that you need to buy pro version


  3. Guchi says:

    Hello wondering about widgets email widget to connect to mailchimp, thanks,

    1. Imon Hasan says:

      i am not clear about you question

  4. gmail correo says:

    thanks for the free subject my friend help me to web

  5. Yaseen says:

    we are using IsIs theme free version. recently updated this theme after that in footer section instead of links its showing html/wordpress coding. please advice what to do?

    1. Imon Hasan says:

      Just add this code : < ?php echo html_entity_decode ( of_get_option('footer_textarea')); ?>

      Just after this line : < ?php echo esc_textarea ( of_get_option('footer_textarea')); ?>

      In footer.php

  6. C.Lemmens says:

    I Just ordered an payed the PRO version but nothing is changed?

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