Hathor Lite

Hathor allows you to create unique Websites for many purposes .
  • Fastest Theme Support.

  • Two header style
  • Two Service Block Style
  • Fits all popular mobile devices and tablets

Hathor Lite

409 thoughts on “Hathor [WordPress ]”

  1. HI, first off I love the theme! I installed the lite version and am having issues with alignment of the service blocks on mobile devices. They are aligned to the left, not center. Also the custom image block shows quite a bit of white space on the right (images are 260x100pix). I am assuming these issues can be fixed? If so I would buy the pro version right away! Thanks


    1. Imon Hasan says:

      Those issue slove in next version but in pro version those issue already solve .I just check Image block is ok


  2. Gmail says:

    this look good i will try

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