Isis is a Simple, Clean and Responsive Retina Ready WordPress Theme which adapts automatically to your tablets and mobile devices. theme with 2 home page layouts,10 social icons,4 widget ,Slider,3 page templates – Full width page, 4 google fonts, font-awesome service icon,Upload logo option,The theme is translation ready and fully translated into all language. Isis is suitable for any types of website – corporate, portfolio, business, blog.

  • => 4 Awesome Fonts
  • => 1 slider
  • => 2 Layout
  • => 4 custom widgets.
  • => 1 WordPress 3.6.1 Menu Position.
  • => Mult-Level Dropdown Menu.
  • =>Translation Ready
  • => Social buttons to submit posts to Facebook, Twitter,
  • => Stumble upon, Digg, Delicious, Google plus & pinterest
  • => Optimized for Iphone, Ipad and Android Mobile Devices.
  • => Easy to use theme options.
  • => Gravatar Support.
  • => 4 custom page templates
  • => Ability to select front page posts
  • => Separation of Comments and Trackbacks
  • => Threaded comments support.
  • => Valid XHTML/CSS3.
  • => Well-written documentation
  • => One Click Install. No plugin required.
  • Compatibility: Internet Explorer 8+ Firefox 3+ Safari 5 Opera 9+ Netscape 6+

The theme is released under GNU General Public License, version 2.

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236 Responses to “Isis[WordPress]

  • Hey, Is there a way to change the “spinning effect” from the recent work or our work blocks? to something else?…

  • Service bloks seem to be set to 4. Is it possible to change this to 5?

  • Hello. Is there a way to make the entire service block a hyper link, not just the arrow?

    • if you are pro user then it is possible . because it need customization and customization support only for pro user


  • I have a few problems using this theme…can you help me out?

    - the picture into the 4th service blok is not in the centre.
    - in the mobile version they aren’t in the centre at all.

    - I would like to put the tekst a tab to the right on my pages, so its more
    in the middle of the page under my slider…..So I did that with 20x spacebar in every line.
    In the mobile version it looks verry silly. Is there an other option to do this?

    I hope to hear from you!

    • 1) update the version 1.1 to 1.2 . the problem will solve after update

      2) it needs customization but customization support for only Pro user


  • Hi, i found (ISIS) in “service bloks” some FontAwesome icons doesn’t works: “fa-car, fa-automobile, fa-cab” – insted of symbol there are nothing, text in the plece of those symbols. All others which I used are ok. Do you have an idea what is wrong? Thanks

  • Is it possible to add more sharing options at the bottom? Also, is it possible to keep sharing button as a floating one? I want this in left side floating.
    – Dev

  • Hi, I love this theme. Thanks for developing such a great theme.

    I currently have my “reading” settings to display the full post, but they are still coming up as excerpts.
    How do I fix this? Is there some code that needs to be changed?

  • Love the theme. Easy to install and professional look. Question about the Blog feature. At the bottom of my front page under Latest Posts after last one there is a box for “older posts.” However, when you click it does nothing. Would like it to go to the Blog Page. Also there used to be on the Blog Page boxes at the bottom for “older posts” and “newer posts.” Not seeing them since installing the updated version for the free theme.

  • What is the optimal image size to not be distorted or cut off in the background image of the home page?

    • which background image are talking about

      • The background image on the home page? If it is layout 1.

        If we upgrade to Pro will we lose all the settings?

        • for background image => appearance => background => upload image

          image size setting => setting => media => adjust Thumbnail size

          if you upgrade to pro no setting will lost . pls give me your order id after upgrade .i will do it for you


  • IS there a way to include a twitter feed in the main page. Not in the footer and not as a side bar item.

  • HI,

    Great theme. Just wondering in the Blok Service, spinning images “beautiful photos” section

    When you look at these on a PC and hover your mouse over it spins the image but stays put or ‘open’ so you can read the info/click the relevant link easily without effort.

    However when viewing on a mobile phone, unless you hold your finger down on the spinning image only then can you read the text and is kind of hard for the user to click the link as they have to take their finger off to do it and it spins away again.

    I like the effect, but just wondering if there’s any way for it to behave as it does on a PC, for it to stay ‘open’ to read and make it easy for users to read it effortlessly.


    • 1) for mobile device in recent work section click in title .

      2) open mid-content.Php from editor and their you can change read more


  • Hi, we have Version 2.8

    We noticed slow typing problems on our site and discovered the following kind of errors (which we don’t think we had prior to the recent WordPress update) and developers of the plugin we use WPS Syp Pro did have not noticed these errors until now when debuggin our site.

    So currently we believe they are theme problems.

    Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function (index):1113
    330Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function other.js?ver=3.9.2:46
    38Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function other.js?ver=3.9.2:46
    GET 404 (Not Found) /wp-content/themes/isis/js/
    18117Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function

    Please can you advise?

    Thank you.

  • FYI above should read as : Click Here not Click Hear

  • hi

    where can i change the color of header and footer?


  • We have this error:

    GET 404 (Not Found) /wp-content/themes/isis/js/

    Please advise.

  • Hi,

    I have been testing the theme, but on the slider pictures, even if you add a link to the images, they do not work… do I have to do it manually?

    Thanks a lot and keep up the amazing work.


  • Good theme Imon!
    Small issues I am facing…

    1. The Service Bloks have suddenly overlapped i.e. fourth blok has come below blok one.
    2. 3rd “Recent work” is only half seen on home page. Earlier they were ok.
    3. Right sidebar comes below each page and not on the right side

    Have I done some wrong setting?

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